Vampire Electronics- 4 Billion a year killer

Vampire Electronics- 4 Billion a year killer


I, like most people, do not think to unplug appliances or other electrical devices plugged into an outlet when I leave the house or walk out of the room.   However, WE ALL might want to start.  “An estimated 5% of U.S electricity – or $4 BILLION A YEAR – is wasted by appliances on standby mode, and the Department of Energy says that figure could rise to 20% by 2010.”   Why do most Californian’s forget to do something so simple as turning off power strips when we leave the house or go to bed or unplugging the coffee maker?   Some speculate it’s because we see it as an inconvenience.  Well to make this point more clear, California Legislators have passed the VAMPIRE SLAYERS ACT, which will detail how much energy certain appliances can use.   In the meantime, we can all help cut down power usage by converting to Energy Star Appliances or simply remember to unplug those appliances; together both things will make a huge difference.

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