The newest addition to GREEN Building: EcoRock- Drywall for your home

The newest addition to GREEN Building: EcoRock- Drywall for your home

ecorock.jpgThe newest Green Product set to be released the first quarter of spring 2008 is Eco Friendly Drywall.  I’m sure most homeowners in the Pleasanton Bay Area have experienced the costly prices of redoing or upgrading your homes, mainly due to a rise in shipping costs.  Not only do we have to mind our wallets on other spending habits just to pay for fuel in our cars, we are constantly being penalized to help pay for the import of  goods from China; one of the main products being drywall.   Why not cut fuel costs, lower CO2 emissions, and create hundreds of jobs in the United States?  Well, that’s just what the idea is behind an amazing new product called, EcoRock.  

EcoRock is being made by Serious Materials and is an “ecologically safer form of drywall”.  Serious Materials CEO stated, “Drywall is the third largest producer of greenhouse gasses among building materials.   It’s behind cement and steel”.   Regular drywall is essentially made up of a gypsum board which requires numerous heating and mixing stages.   With all those stages combined 200 million tons of carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere each year through drywall production.  The manufacturing of EcoRock is much less complex.   When the materials used to make the EcoRock are mixed together, they develop the chemical reaction on their own.  By eliminating the heating stages in the production, fossil fuel emissions are drastically reduced.  

Now for the money portion.  As a Resenditial Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Connoisseur I am constantly looking for ways to better my clients financial outlook. In the long run regular drywall and EcoRock will run you right around the same price.   The main difference is the raw material cost of EcoRock and the shipping costs of standard drywall.  The raw materials will cost a little more for EcoRock, but can we really put a price on the safety of our environment?   On the other hand, to continue making the standard drywall oversees and importing it into the United States is becoming more and more expensive and will only continue to rise due to the weak dollar and rising fuel costs.  Serious Materials is set to open up their first factory in the United States which will be capable of producing 400,000 square feet of drywall a year.   If things continue to progress in a positive direction, they will open up two more factories in the United States so they can regionally serve all areas.   We all need to do our part in making the world a “greener” place, so why not start with something so little as drywall?

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