San Francisco’s Solar Power Credit Gets City OK-

San Francisco’s Solar Power Credit Gets City OK-

solar.jpgSan Francisco’s Public Utilities Commission approved a local subsidy Tuesday January 8th for residents and business who install solar power.

San Francisco has established themselves as leaders in the move towards being one of the first cities to be known as a Green City. The Solar incentive plan is expected to win final approval by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors next month. In addition to  the state and Federal incentives, the city subsidy could eliminate around half the cost of the solar installation.


This is an important step that San Francisco is taking to move to the forefront of being an energy efficient city. With the ever increasing availability of (EEM’s) Energy Efficient Mortgages and Green Mortgagesthere has never been a more opportune time to install solar pannels/ equipment on residential homes. To learn more and discuss Green financing options for financing residential solar power please feel free to contact me.

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