Richmond, CA set to join the bandwagon and ban Styrofoam…

Richmond, CA set to join the bandwagon and ban Styrofoam…

istock_000003075163xsmall1.jpgOn Tuesday December 4, 2007 the city of Richmond was set to decide if directing staff to study ways to reduce waste, including banning polystyrene, would be cost effective.   Mayor, Gayle McLaughlin, is highly pushing for the ban on polystyrene and other ways to reduce waste in landfills.  Richmond is among the few that has still yet to convert to a “Styrofoam Free” city.   In addition to San Francisco’s ban on plastic grocery bags last month, San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley put this ban into place quite awhile ago in order to promote recycling more and ridding the city of bad materials.  

Why is the banning of Styrofoam such an issue?  For one, the material used in this product takes centuries to fully decompose and breaks into little bits that end up in the storm drains and waterways where birds and marine life may eat it.   Number two, “some studies suggest that a component comes off containers and cups into food”; do you really want to ingest that?  The only downside to this issue is the cost to the restaurants and in time, the consumers.   But think about this, can you really put a price on the health of you and your family?

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