Pleasanton School’s Go Green-

Pleasanton School’s Go Green-

Green GlobePleasanton School District is amongst the top schools in the nation. Helping drive the Pleasanton home sales year after year, Pleasanton Schools are now becoming one of the first “Solar School Districts” further ingraining the “Go Green” mentality into our children.  In conjunction with Honeywell Corp solar panels are being equipped on our public schools as part of the (PPA) Power Purchase Agreement.

January 23rdWalnut Grove Elementary and Harvest Park Middle School activated Solar panels that are now producing power that may be sold back to the states power supply. Pleasanton School District has entered into a power purchase agreement with Honeywell. The agreement allows Honeywell to sell the energy produced at market rates. Estimated annual savings will reach $125,000 per year. Take a look at an article on owned by the discovery Channel highlighting Walnut Grove Elementary and their strides and national recognition. All of this taking place in Pleasanton’s back yard. Even in a challenging real estate market Pleasanton Schools help drive the market with the innovation and education it provides.

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