Pleasanton & Livermore, CA- Solar Cities

Pleasanton & Livermore, CA- Solar Cities

Solar HousePleasanton City Council voted to move ahead with the foundation to become “Solar Cities”. Pleasanton and Livermore will be assisting with solar powered projects within the two communities. Pleasanton and Livermore will be providing outreach and workshops and possible financial aid in the form of lower permit fees according the Independent Newspaper.  The programs will focus on new homes in Pleasanton and Livermore as well as City owned buildings and renovations of existing structures.

It is exciting to see Pleasanton take the necessary measures to become a Green city. Keep in mind that Pleasanton’s Avignon Community near Ruby Hill was the first Zero energy community in Alameda County. With more residential developments being built with these principles we should continue to be one of the most desirable Real Estate Markets in California.

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