Low Cost home improvements to save you Green while going Green-

Low Cost home improvements to save you Green while going Green-

Green Light bulbSaving energy in your home can save you money per month while being eco-friendly on the environment. My goal as a Loan Consultant is to save you money in as many places as I can. My commitment and vision is to make the loan process as eco-friendly as possible does cut costs to save you green. My commitment to the environment can start with you making a few inexpensive changes to your home that can help save you money per month keeping more Green in your pocket.



  • Choose Energy Star CFL’s for your light bulb replacements. CFL’s use 75% less energy than a standard bulb. A CFL can save you $90 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.

  • Install motion sensors for indoor and outdoor lighting. Your lights will only be on when you need them.

  • Cooling and heating systems count for almost half of the homes energy costs. Inspect, clean or change the systems air filters once a month.

  • Add weather stripping around doors and windows to reduce drafts. Use caulking around ducts, bypasses and plumbing openings and any other openings in walls, floors or ceiling. This can save you 10% on heating and cooling costs to save you Green!

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