Know the 4 BIG trends in GREEN LUXURY Living-

Know the 4 BIG trends in GREEN LUXURY Living-

4_1115home.jpgHome trends are moving fast, especially in the luxury home market. One week the Joneses have heated bathroom floors and a state of the art sauna and the next minute they have the urge to upgrade yet again. So what happens to the old materials that will just be thrown out the next time they redecorate? How about 200-year-old Spanish roof tiles, 18th century wood doors and terracotta floor tiles? Well this just scratches the surface of a Monterey gem I found. The must have amenities for these Green Homeowners boast energy efficient features such as concrete walls with four times the insulation of standard wood walls, solar-powered heating and water filtration system that recycles rain water to hydrate lawns.

So what Luxury Green Design trends are we seeing in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Hottest Green Trends in Luxury Construction:

  • High end eco friendly woods
  • High end lighting controls (Smart Homes)
  • Eco Friendly Eco Kitchen Materials ( Highlighted here in a great Green Site JetsonGreen) Click here
  • Floor to ceiling glass windows to draw in more light and create indoor-outdoor spaces

What’s driving these Green trends and what roles are they playing in the real estate market across the board? Fluctuating energy costs play a roll, as well as, oil prices are rising through the roof. When these colossal homes are in their infancy it is the time to remember these facts and think of Sustainable environments that will benefit the footprint that’s left behind when are gone and the 200-year-old tiles are even older.

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