In a Leisurely Housing Market this Group is Accelerating- Eco-Friendly Remodeling

In a Leisurely Housing Market this Group is Accelerating- Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Eco HouseThere may be a slow housing market in the fourth quarter of 2007. However there is one segment shifting into fast gear. With the attraction of cutting energy costs, making a positive impact on the planet and one-upping the joneses, more and more homeowners are investing in eco-upgrades.


So is going GREEN really worth the GREEN? When you go to sell your home do all of your eco-upgrades pay off?  An interview in Newsweek Magazine interviewed an author of Green design and I will paraphrase her points:

  The concept of a well built home is one that is energy efficient, meaning that it is functioning like a human body, with all the systems in sync. (I thought this analogy was interesting and very true) This concept is catching on in eco-upgrades. 

The 5 main points to remember in an eco-friendly remodel-


  1. Aim for a tight thermal envelope. Create a tight seal for your home
  2. Solar doesn’t always involve solar panels. Control the natural light path of the light to drastically control your cooling and heating use.
  3. Your homes circulatory system. Make sure your heating and cooling is operating at peak performance.
  4. Factor your fluids…Is it time to replace old appliances???
  5. Last but not least your backyard. Consider CFL’s outdoors and sprinkler systems that respond to the weather. (I know my pet peeve is driving though town on a rainy day and seeing city sprinklers on in Pleasanton.)

I know with these valuable changes you can reap the benefits while truly living with your home.  Due to the success and response on my features on Eco-Upgrades, I will be highlighting unique GREEN upgrades that I have come across in my quest for Luxury Green Real Estate!

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