Going Green with paperless mortgages-

Going Green with paperless mortgages-

Imagine the mortgage process without thick files most likely with duplicates and triplicates. No longer is this fantasy. In fact this is a practice I hung my hat on close to two years ago. At last end-to-end paperless mortgages are here. Is your local Bay Area Mortgage Broker offering it?

Previously, the paperless-mortgage process included online applications, consumer research, pricing and interest rate locking along with automated loan underwriting and pipeline management. A big step to a green mortgage was the use of electronic signatures which we embraced in 2007 ahead of its time. Where green loans have failed though was online closing docs that lenders would accept and electronic document management.

Electronic Signatures:

Doccusign is a great signing service that allows me the ability to upload documents to a web service and allows me to assign signature spaces for my clients to sign. Doccusign eliminates not only paper waste but also the chance for error in signing which wastes more paper and time.

Electronic Paper Management:

Perhaps the greatest advantages of electronic document-management systems are that everyone in the loan process to has access to the loan file at the same time. What this means to my clientele is that the loan process is streamlined, green and efficient. Less paper the better.

My clients only think about home financing a few times during their lives – I think about it every single day. I would be happy to guide you through a purchase or refinance of your home. I also have great options on loans that can provide financing for green upgrades to your home. Call or email me now for details.

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