East Bay to create “GREEN Corridor”

East Bay to create “GREEN Corridor”

corridor.jpgAn article in the East Bay Business Times gained my attention when I read the title. Four Mayors from Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville and Richmond have joined forces and have gained attention of many. They have vowed to be at the forefront of environmental innovation.


The East Bay “GREEN Corridor” partnership will be a collaborative effort to lead business in environmental innovation, emerging GREEN business and industry, GREEN jobs and renewable energy.


Mayor Ron Dellums vowed $200,000 for GREEN development and training this year. What a great initiative on so many levels. This will bring a variety of jobs to the area to support the local economies and in turn help the slowed housing market; it’s amazing how everything is connected. GREEN industries are the way of the future and I applaud the forethought these four Mayors are bringing to their communities.

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