BART- The Conscious GREEN Alternitive to gridlock traffic in the East Bay

BART- The Conscious GREEN Alternitive to gridlock traffic in the East Bay

bart.jpgWhat are the three main things that all commuters in the Bay Area have in common? Gridlock, Smog, and an increased commute time just about sum it up. When we choose to live in the Bay Area, particularly the East Bay, this is a daily routine that we are becoming all too familiar with. There are, however, GREEN alternative means of transportation; BART being one of them. These speedy electric trains provide, on average, 330,000 GREEN weekday rides.

Bart opened in the East Bay originally so commuters could commute to jobs in San Francisco, but in the past few years it has turned into a GREEN mode of transportation. Reducing the amount of pollution emitted into the environment by gridlock has become a major concern of the ECO Friendly East Bay Area residents.

I thought it was a fun fact that BART turned 35. I know for most riders it’s probably older then they are, but living in Pleasanton I know BART as my number one choice to commute to San Francisco or Oakland. It allows me time to read, catch up on work or simply just have a few extra minutes of downtime before a hectic day.

BART’S planned expansions you NEED to know:

  • West Dublin-Pleasanton Station
  • EBART extension to Antioch
  • Warm Spring Extension- An extension from Fremont Station to Warm Springs 5.4 miles
  • Oakland Extension- A people mover system from the Oakland Coliseum to Oakland International Airport
  • Livermore Extension-

• San Jose Extension

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