“GREEN is Universal”- NBC Launches Green Week:

“GREEN is Universal”- NBC Launches Green Week:


NBC new “Green is Universal” campaign kicks off Nov. 4th- 11th with a week of green-themed programming aimed at entertaining, informing, and empowering Americans to live greener lives. 


The Green Tip of the day is:

Stop adding waste – Instead of using a paper or plastic cup, invest in a mug and use that throughout the day.

Over the past year the “Go Green” mentality has been spreading all across various industries.  Media is taking notice that consumers are relating to the Green way of thinking and they are willing to do business with like minded companies or individuals.  I can relate to this in the Pleasanton Real Estate industry in the sense that it is more important than ever to make smarter choices when making our home purchase.

Keep an eye on NBC’s “Green is Universal” campaign this week. Green is contagious.

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