FHA Loan Limits in the Bay Area High Cost Areas in the Stimulus Package

Once they were out, but now they're in. The magical system that produces legislation in Washington has now produced an economic recovery bill which once-again includes higher loan limits. The National Association of Home Builders reports that the final legislation "will help home buyers in high-cost … [Read more...]

What the stimulus act of 2009 included for FHA in 2009-

It's called H.R. 1 and now it's a done deal. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h1/text American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has passed the Congress, a $787 billion measure that will be instantly signed by President Obama. What makes this bill interesting from an FHA perspective is … [Read more...]

Are Bigger FHA Loan Limits Ahead for the Bay Area?

Are Bigger FHA Loan Limits Ahead for the Bay Area?

There's growing talk in Washington that the FHA loan limit may again be lifted, a way to help buyers and sellers in high-cost communities lacking Jumbo financing. According to the Bloomberg news service, "President-elect Barack Obama agreed with House Democrats to increase the limit on loans Fannie … [Read more...]