FHA Green Rennovation Loan can help save money by the gallons-

FHA Green Rennovation Loan can help save money by the gallons-

Everyone in California knows that water consumption is a big issue. One look at my water bill over the summer you know where I’m going with that. However, we can change that next time we tackle a renovation project with a few simple changes to the biggest water guzzler of them all, the bathroom.

By using an FHA 203k Remodel or Renovation loan we can make some changes. From toilets to tubs, we use around 60% or our household water supply in the bathroom. Don’t fret though there a few simple changes we can tackle that can dramatically reduce that consumption.

Inefficient Toilets – Toilets guzzle nearly 27% of your household water supply every year. Older homes often have toilets that average nearly 3.5 GALLONS PER FLUSH! If you haven’t updated that old toilet I suggest you get hopping as newer low flow toilets consume less than a third of that outdated guzzler you have now. In fact, if you toilet is using more than 1.6 GPF then it is time to make a change.

Wasteful Showers – Although not as bad as toilets, showers can also be huge water wasters. Some fancier systems with multiple heads can actually burn through 80 gallons per minute. Federal guidelines for a single head shower require 2.5 gallons per minute or less, but you can take it even further and get one of Delta’s new H20 Kinetics head that only use 1.6 GPM.

Water Heaters – American households waste an average of 6.35 gallons of water per day waiting around for the water to heat up. Wait no more however and get yourself a tankless on demand water heater to have instantly hot water. Check for your individual state, but you might just get a tax credit for purchasing one.

Faucets – Finally, while you are making all the other water saving changes you might just want to go ahead and increase efficiency at the faucet as well. Most faucets run about 2.2 GPM or less, but newer models may just use a paltry 1.5 GPM.

Ready to stop wasting all that water? If you are short on cash for those renovations contact me for an FHA 203K Green Renovation Loan and we can take care of that bathroom, along with those old energy wasting windows and appliances while we are at it!

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