Home Improvement Advice- How To Screen For A Good Home Contractor in the Bay Area

A few days back I walked into the kitchen of my parents home and saw sample upon sample of hardwood flooring. Colors, grains and all types of width. Since I am a Mortgage Broker and not a flooring expert I decided its time to do some research. After all you wouldn’t hire a bank teller to plan your mortgage right?

Is it time to invest in your home?

Home remodeling projects are expected to top $130 blllion this quarter, their highest total since Q1 2008. A likely catalyst is that the average cost of a home improvement project is falling fast.

With the economy loosening up and contractor costs on a downswing, some in Pleasanton homeowners are choosing to put money back into their respective homes, and making home improvements. If you’re among them, you’ll want to make sure you’ve properly screened your contractor.

In this 4-minute piece from NBC’s The Today Show, you’ll learn tips for picking a good home contractor. The advice is mostly common sense, and worth heeding. For example:

  • Only select registered/licensed, and insured contractors for work in your home
  • Don’t automatically select the lowest bid; you may want to discard it instead
  • Communication skills matter. You must be able to express your wants, and have that message understood.

And lastly, if this is your first time working with a particular contractor, be sure to ask for references and follow-through on them, too. Sometimes, past customers can tell you more about a contractor than you can learn yourself.

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I like to consider myself a great recourse for Bay Area service providers. From Realtors to plumbers I assure you being a resident here for 30+ years I would be happy to share my experience with you.

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