Save Pleasanton Hills Initiative from Home Depot Sized Homes

The “Save the Pleasanton Hills” housing cap request was filed late Tuesday night in order to prevent developments, such as Oak Ridge. The bill would prevent builders from constructing on ridgelines and steep slopes of the Foothills in the Pleasanton community.
The Save the Pleasanton Hills initiative was set into place to preserve Pleasanton’s character and land containing sensitive features.
If the Oak Grove project is approved, 51 new homes as large as 12,500 square feet will be built. The Save the Pleasanton Hills website is comparing that size to a Home Depot store! Pleasanton has done an amazing job with the forethought of our city, leading me to completely sympathize and understand controlling obscene growth. I suspect the Oak Grove project will be carefully scrutinized and Pleasanton’s best interest will be kept in mind. I will keep you all updated on the results!

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