Pleasanton Weekly Update: Pleasanton’s Oak Grove Vote

Pleasanton Weekly Update: Pleasanton’s Oak Grove Vote


Save the Pleasanton Hills group collected 5,266 signatures of Pleasanton residents that oppose the development of the Pleasanton Ridgeland’s.The Alameda County Registrar of voters has 30 days to validate the signatures for the Oak Grove referendum. Once it is verified the measure will go to the Pleasanton City Council to either place the measure on the ballot for Pleasanton to vote on or rescind the approval of the Pleasanton Oak Grove project. 

In 1993 a similar plan was proposed to build on the same site that was successfully blocked by voters. The present Oak Grove project, supported by Keep Our Park, is an all together different proposal. With the 51 custom homes the builder is gifting the City of Pleasanton 496 of acres for open space. With this gift there is a potential for 2000 acres of connecting open space in exchange for some development.

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