FLASH: Pleasanton Parks Continue to GROW

FLASH: Pleasanton Parks Continue to GROW

ridge2.jpgAmong the dozens of reasons that the City of Pleasanton and the surrounding area is considered one of the most desirable communities in the East Bay is its commitment to parks and recreation. Even members of the community get involved in making sure there are opportunities for all of us to enjoy our surroundings.

Along those lines, the largest Pleasanton Parks deal in the past 17 years just took place thanks to a contribution by a tech millionaire from Fremont named Curtis Priem. East Bay Regional Park’s District combined with Priem on a $6.63 Million dollar deal to purchase a ranch property along the Sunol Ridge. The land includes wide dirt trails for hiking, bicycling and horse riding.

The acquisition provides a major link in long-term plans for a Ridgeland trail to run from Pleasanton Ridge Park near Dublin to Mission Peak Regional Reserve in Fremont. The new addition will be open to the public in four or five years – just in time for me to get my son on his first real mountain bike!

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