Pleasanton Oak Grove: Building Green


As an ongoing topic in Pleasanton Real Estate I find myself looking deeper and deeper into what surrounds Pleasanton Oak Grove. It seems weekly that Pleasanton Oak Grove is a topic that comes back to the land that is being donated to the City Of Pleasanton to be kept as open space and increase our green belt.


When I was looking through the City of Pleasanton website outlining the Oak Grove project I found myself exploring the building GREEN page (Currently missing from the site). So in addition to donating close to 500 acres of Ridge Land to the City of Pleasanton to remain as open space, the development of Oak Grove has the forethought of Eco-friendly design.


Features- (While so far falling short of Pleasanton’s Avignon; Oak Grove’s site highlights-)


Custom Homes will be designed using “passive solar” design. Taking into account the path of the sun in creating designs that allow overhangs and openings to help control heat and allow for a comfortable environment while saving on energy costs.


Modern insulation, efficient mechanical systems, and Energy Savings appliances play a role in the Luxury Green Features.


Green Points Guide- 16 categories of design features each with ratings and point rankings.


December 4th marks the day the opposition for the development of Oak Grove must have their 4,000 signatures in for the Oak Grove referendum.  Check back tomorrow for the results of the signature total and the outcome of Pleasanton’s newest park.

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