Oak Grove Update: The Right & Left Side of the Oak Grove Tree-

Oak Grove Update: The Right & Left Side of the Oak Grove Tree-



The Oak Grove Development in Pleasanton, CA has become a wildly debated issue.  The past week in the Pleasanton Weekly I noticed two opposite opinions large as day regarding this matter that I felt needed some explanation.  

The Left Page Opinion States:

Presented by Keep Our Park Committee-

To summarize this side, they are for Pleasanton slow growth, and support the donation of the 496 acres set to be donated to Pleasanton to remain as open space. http://www.keepourpark.org/

The Right Page Opinion States:

Save the Pleasanton Hills-

This side doesn’t take much summarization; they would like to keep the hills. http://www.savepleasantonhills.com/


My thoughts are, if Pleasanton doesn’t own the land right now, which they don’t, shouldn’t we be happy with the donation of 496 additional acres?  At least we know what we’ll have at the end of the day.

Like I said before, I think Pleasanton has done a great job in city planning so why would there be a difference in the Oak Grove project?

What do you think? How would you vote? Are you for increasing the acreage of Pleasanton by the donation of 496 acres from the developers of Oak Grove?   Or take a chance in the future of what would happen with the private land?


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