Oak Grove Pleasanton Weekly Update: Pleasanton Resource for the Community-

Green TreeSo as we rapidly approach December in Pleasanton we grow closer to the Dec 6th deadline for the referendum of the development of Pleasanton Oak Grove. A new Pleasanton community to consist of 51 Luxury Homes nestled in the Pleasanton Ridgeland’s.

As the Independent Newspaper reported on Friday the Save the Pleasanton Hills initiative has already collected 3,500 signatures thus far. By Dec 6th the side needs to collect 4,000 in order for the Oak Grove Development to go to the polls.

I’m sure wherever you travel through Pleasanton this weekend both sides will be there. I hope that they contain themselves during our Pleasanton Holiday Parade that was referenced earlier this week. Lets hope our Pleasanton residents can enjoy the parade with out the constant approach of “Save the Pleasanton Hills”.

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