Oak Grove Pleasanton: Moving Forward, What did YOU miss?

Oak Grove Pleasanton: Moving Forward, What did YOU miss?


Well you missed the vote on Tuesday night if you didn’t read my news update.  Good for you I have an update on the Oak Grove community set for construction in Alameda County, Pleasanton.

The Pleasanton City Council approved the second reading of the Oak Grove project despite the fact the backers of Save the Pleasanton Hills initiative announced plans to move forward with the referendum to oppose the development. The 51 luxury homes being built in Pleasanton have been challenged due to the size of the luxury homes.

The Pro’s and Con’s of the Oak Grove in Pleasanton Are:

PRO as I stated earlier this week that the Oak Grove developers are donating some 496 acres of open space to Pleasanton to maintain the character of the Pleasanton Ridge Lands.

CON the homes that are proposed will be up to 12,500 square feet and three story’s tall.

My position on this is as follows: I highly believe in intelligent development, which I feel Pleasanton has done an amazing job with. I do hope and intend on researching the GREEN methods that will be used in the Oak Grove construction. On the city of Pleasanton’s Oak Grove website building GREEN they do state that sustainable building practices will be used and outlined features.

How do you think Pleasanton will be affected?

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