Key Pleasanton Real Estate Purchased by High-profile Developer

Key Pleasanton Real Estate Purchased by High-profile Developer

istock_000000215979_l1.jpgThe 322 acre rock quarry in Pleasanton now has an owner.  The Pleasanton Rock quarry is one of the largest parcels of land to become available since the Pleasanton gem Hacienda Business Park. High profile developer Legacy Partners bought the 322 acre rock quarry located on Stanley and El Charro that will now be transformed in to a blend of Offices, Homes, and Retail shopping.


Legacy Partners is located in Foster City and feel that the success of this project for Pleasanton is crucial. This is one of the last substantial pots of acreage in Pleasanton to be developed.  Most of the partners that were around for the development of Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton are still present 25 years later with Legacy Partners. Details and blue prints should be on the horizon. It will be interesting to see how this evolves with the recent controversy Pleasanton City Council is under dealing with the Pleasanton Oak Grove development.

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