Infill Growth key to 2008 GREEN Housing and Luxury Condos in Walnut Creek-

Infill Growth key to 2008 GREEN Housing and Luxury Condos in Walnut Creek-

condo.jpgThe East Bay Business Times reported Walnut Creek, CA will soon be the home of 800 new Condos, including many considered Luxury Condos in the $1,000,000 and up range. Generally only San Francisco demanded these prices in the Luxury Condo market. This looks to be the trend in 2008 with the migration and adaptation of Luxury Condos outside the San Francisco Luxury Condo market.


Bringing high-end housing to Walnut Creek is a crucial part to the city’s development. Scheduled at 235 Ygnacio Valley Blvd in Walnut Creek is an 11-unit “GREEN” Condo project.


Construction is shifting from open space development to what’s called “infill”, the development of existing buildings in Walnut Creek into a desirable better used space. The first phase, The Mercer is set to open in January 2008 and will be the first phase of the 800 units of Condos in Walnut Creek. The Mercer located in downtown Walnut Creek is a mixed use project of residential and retail with prices up to $1.2 million. This will instantly change the face of the Luxury Condo Market in Walnut Creek.


One more development to note is another “GREEN” development across from BART in Walnut Creek which will bring the best of both worlds together; clean transportation and GREEN Luxury Condos. I will be sure to keep you up to day on this project.

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