Eco Home to be Auctioned on EBAY- Luxury Green Real Estate + Housing Auctions, Were they reading my mind?

Eco Home to be Auctioned on EBAY- Luxury Green Real Estate + Housing Auctions, Were they reading my mind?


“Project 7TEN at first impression on 7TEN website says everything that can’t communicate through words. This is truly a unique home that makes a statement of the individual who will call it home”.

What can you find on EBAY that comes with a $2.85 million dollar price tag?


Project 7TEN is a rare LEED Platinum Certified home in Southern California that was built with every amenity focused on “GREEN Technology”.  Constructed from reclaimed, recycled or sustainable materials, fitted with solar panels and boasting a rainwater reclamation system, this home puts eco-living in the limelight.  Project 7ten was featured in the “Enlightened Development” exhibition at Los Angeles’s Architecture, Jetsongreen and Design Museum as a way for people to see the benefits of owning a green home.  It was then held open for educational tours, before being put on the market by developer, Tom Schey.  This stunning Luxury Green home is a work of art. The website Project 7Ten defines the trend in Luxury Green homes that is becoming unmistakable in California.

What makes this particularly interesting for me is that this Luxury GREEN home will be sold via Real Estate Auction on EBAY starting Dec 19th.  Real Estate Auctions have been a growing California trend. The slow housing market has been charged by people seeking “deals” on homes and the auction fulfils this need.

The lucky buyer of this home will have the satisfaction of not only feeling great for purchasing such an eco friendly home, but a portion of  the sale will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW), an organization dedicated to education the public about environmental toxins that affect children’s health.  Real Estate in California is about unique properties and unique ways to let the public know how exciting they are. Green Mortgage Group values this mission; bringing Luxury Green homes to individuals that want their home to represent who they are.

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