East Bay Housing Auctions: So there is no one buying Real Estate???

East Bay Housing Auctions: So there is no one buying Real Estate???

Real Estate AuctionHousing AUCTIONS- Go where the VALUE takes you.

We haven’t seen auctions in Bay Area Real Estate for quite some time. However they are a rapidly growing trend with all of the Bank Owned Property (REO) that lenders have on their balance sheets.

My experience last week at a Sacramento Housing Auction was a successful one. Clients I brought and pre-approved purchased two homes roughly $100,000 below list price. 

Sound good to you…?

How can you make some of the different GREEN and save GREEN while you do it? WORK WITH SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING. There is nothing worse than to meet someone at the auction to buy Real Estate that solicits your business and they have never been to an auction let alone lookout for your best interest and able to facilitate a loan in the specified time period.

If you’re interested I will be writing future articles detailing Housing Auctions and accepting new clientele over the next two months in preparation for an upcoming auction of REO property in the Bay Area. Keep in mind these homes are in all areas including the Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore and San Ramon Valley. Lenders that wrote bad loans need to clean the balance sheet and you can benefit if your ready. Please inform any Real Estate Investors you know.  I will be sure to pass along my experiences to them and invite them on my next adventure.

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