Avignon Community, Pleasanton’s Gem built by Centex Homes-GREEN Lifestyle

Avignon Community, Pleasanton’s Gem built by Centex Homes-GREEN Lifestyle

GREEN Community

No longer are GREEN homes unique among the mass.  Nestled in Pleasanton, Avignon has become the FIRST All-Solar, ZERO Energy community in Alameda County.  Located west of the luxurious Ruby Hill community, Avignon has distinctive estate-style homes providing a state-of-the-art look at the future of solar energy for homes in the Bay Area. 

So what sets this GREEN community apart form surrounding luxury homes?  One word: DESIGN. You can experience your investment of a GREEN home while enjoying the gratification of living in “guilt free”.

The features of this community stand alone.  In fact, I would say you’re buying into a lifestyle.   Imagine living in a home that has instant hot water so none is wasted; a home that comes with all CFL bulbs as a standard; a home that has not only your safety but our environments in mind.   When you commit to buying into the Avignon community you are essentially helping the overall quality of our earth and all you have to do is utilize the features that come standard.   It is my belief that many people will start to realize just how great you feel from living in a “green” home and how much extra money you have in your pocket.   Once this starts to happen, older homes will start to upgrade and more of these “green” communities will start to pop up all over the bay.  Why not jump on the bandwagon and move into the next “green” community that opens up in your neighborhood.


Remember when the Toyota Prius was the new cool car and Cameron Diaz bought one?

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