After the Red Sox's Crushed…Extreme Home Makeover turned GREEN around…

Tonight while I was sitting watching the Boston Red Sock’s give it to Tom’s Colorado Rockies, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw an ad for the next episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

This season every episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is going green by incorporating eco-friendly, low-energy and recyclable resources in the builds with a minimum of one green item per episode. On Sunday night’s episode at least 50% of all materials used were taken from a landfill within 500 miles of the building site and wood certified from FSC forests. Light sensors, fluorescent bulbs and numerous windows have been installed to enhance the lighting system. Solar panels will be used for water heating, and interior temperatures will be boosted by terminal heaters — rather than large gas or electric tanks — through heated coils installed in air ducts. All appliances have been Energy Star rated, and the family will even have a “utilize energy block” to help them track their energy consumption.

The show airs Sunday night at 10:00 (eastern) on ABC, so if you happen to catch it, let me know what you think…

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