16 story building in Dublin, California??? Grafton towers poised to change Dublin Sky Line

16 story building in Dublin, California??? Grafton towers poised to change Dublin Sky Line

Dublin Skyline


When a friend asked me if Dublin was really going to allow a 16 to 21 story building to be built, I knew I had to jump right on with research on whether this was a possibility.   To my shock and dismay, I discovered indeed, it was a possibility.  A proposal was submitted by Charter Properties months ago to develop Grafton Plaza, which will be residential towers, and Campus Office, which will have administrative and professional buildings, retail shops, and gas stations.   This area is set to be located near Dublin Boulevard and Grafton Street.  Thanks to the local citizens and Jeff Keihl, founder of stopgraftontowers.org, Dublin has put a stop to the obscenely large tower project and is requesting the project be lower to the ground.  A Charter Properties representative has asked the city council to “let it go forward with a project that we can redesign in conjunction with the staff that will be more in keeping with the community’s existing character and height limits”.   As of right now, however, the city planning department has not seen any revisions to the original plan.  So, for now the project is just sitting and waiting for the needed approval to break ground.   On the positive side, this office park will provide over 1,900 jobs; which, lets face it, the Bay can use to support our housing inventory.  Some protestors are stating that this site should specifically be used as office space because the city of Dublin is already overpopulated.   If you would like to voice your opinion on the matter please contact the City of Dublin or log onto http://www.stopgraftontowers.org/.  I will keep you posted with any new information.

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