Why on "EARTH" would you need the services of an EcoBroker?

What would you call a Pleasanton Mortgage Broker that is extremely concerned with the future of this planet and the condition it will be in fifty years from now? Someone this “green” friendly, can only be referred to as an Eco Broker. Well, Brian LeBars of course.

An Eco Broker does everything he or she can to participate and educate in the practice of buying, selling, and financing real estate with the environment in mind. I have taken this great leap to become an Eco Broker to ensure that the footprints I leave behind will benefit our children’s children. I say this is a great leap because very few brokers have been committed to meeting the fairly new Real Estate title deemed “Eco Broker”. The Eco Broker brokerage was founded in 2003. The course addresses environmental housing issues, energy-efficient technology of homes, air quality,sustainable design, and green business practices such as e-waste.
So what’s the benefit of using an Eco Broker versus a regular broker for your next Real Estate Purchase? To me this designation and education will help guide you through your Real Estate purchase of a home that is efficient to save you money while free of chemicals and healthier for the environment. In the end we all need to do our part to keep the earth a healthy and safe place and if I can make a few changes in my profession to add to that, I see no reason not to.

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