Protecting your credit- Identy theft and the most important peice of the mortgage puzzle

Protecting your credit- Identy theft and the most important peice of the mortgage puzzle

DollarHelping each of my clients qualify for new home loans and refinancing under the ever-changing lending guidelines is my goal and is one of the most satisfying parts of my job as a mortgage broker.  Everything in mortgage loans comes back to one main characteristic that will follow you around the rest of your life; your credit. In the past I wrote on the fastest way to destroy your credit but have now rethought my approach and I found comfort in helping you preserve your credit. The fastest way to destroy your credit is Identity Theft. While you have no control if it happens to you there are some measures to follow to avoid becoming a victim. Here are some tips to follow to preserve one of the single most critical pieces of the mortgage qualifying puzzle.

  1. Shred financial documents and personal paperwork

  2. Protect your Social security number. Don’t carry you SS card in your wallet or write the number on a check.

  3. Don’t give out personal information on the phone, through the mail, or internet unless you know who is on the other end of the transaction.

  4. NEVER click on links sent in unsolicited emails. Use firewalls, anti-spy ware. And anti-virus software to protect your home PC.

  5. Don’t use an obvious password like your birth date, mother’s maiden name, or the last four digits of your social security number.

  6. Keep your personal information in a secure place, especially if you have roommates, house keepers or are having work done in your home.

Your personal credit is valuable. If your identity is stolen it can affect every aspect of your life- your credit standing and your ability to buy a house. For additionl information visit

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