Energy Efficient Mortgages- The GREEN Way to Finance Real Estate

Green Real Estate is a must these days, but why is it so crucial to convert to an Energy Efficient Mortgage???

An Energy Efficient Mortgage, also know as EEMs, are conventional mortgages that are offered by lenders who sell their loans to lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Utilizing an Energy Efficient Mortgage increases the purchasing power of buying an energy efficient home. It allows the lender to increase the borrower’s income by a dollar amount equal to the estimated energy savings!

There are so many new housing developments being constructed in the Pleasanton area that are using sustainable building practices. If the future homeowners were to utilize Energy Efficient Mortgages they would have the upper hand in qualifying to move into these green homes. Builders will continue to think of more creative ways to move inventory and what better way is there then helping the environment by using the Green Technology available to construct these housing developments.

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