Economic Stimulus Package- Can you get a loan???

Economic Stimulus Package- Can you get a loan???

copy_20of_20bankrupt_empty_pockets_small1.jpgI found this article very interesting and on point in today’s mortgage market. despite the economic stimulus package. Can your clients obtain a loan to buy the home they want???


The larger the mortgage, the riskier the loan.


The riskier the loan, the tougher it is for a home buyer to get a mortgage approved.

That is a basic lending rule of thumb and it appears even federal government intervention can do little to quickly change that fact.

Months after the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 temporarily raised the maximum amount on a conventional conforming loan from $417,000 to about $730,000, risk averse lenders have not been convinced to substantially lower interest rates on the larger loans.

The conforming loan adjustment was supposed to generate more affordable interest rates on the larger, so-called “jumbo conforming” loans. The hope was that the larger jumbo conforming loans would have nearly the same interest rates as the old conventional conforming loans.

Then, as the theory went, the lower rate on the larger loans would have encouraged more consumers to buy homes, or enable them to refinance to lower interest rate loans, especially in high-cost regions like California.

That has not happened. Yet.

Instead, in Silicon Valley, for example, the market has generated a new tier of jumbo conforming loan interest rates nearly a full percentage point higher than old conventional conforming loan rates.

But that’s because the new jumbo conforming loans are still larger loans and even with federal backing, in today’s credit crunched economy, the larger loans pose a risk too great for lower interest rates.

Federal government-sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy conforming loans and repackage them for sale in the secondary market of mutual funds, pension funds and investments around the globe.

But skittish investors demand higher yields (hence higher rates for the larger loans, compared to the smaller loans) because mortgage investments involving smaller loans (largely due to their toxic nature) have already ripped into their returns.

There is fear in the market.

The untested assembly-line production and mass-marketing of subprime and nontraditional mortgages was a disaster for both investors and homeowners. Right now investors simply aren’t feeling so lucky about another untested brand of mortgage involving still larger loans.

In addition to higher interest rates than hoped for, the jumbo conforming loans also contain tougher underwriting requirements that demand higher credit scores and stiffer qualifications than conventional conforming loans.

What are your thoughts on today’s mortgage environment? Are you able to secure the loans you need for your clientele? What do you think would help, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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