Credit Theft: How to Put Credit Fraud Behind the 8 Ball

Credit Theft: How to Put Credit Fraud Behind the 8 Ball


Will “freezing” your credit report keep scammers from stealing your name?

I recently read in Decembers issue of Money Magazine that the big 3 credit bureaus- Equifax, Experian and Transunion- gave consumers access to freeze their credit reports.  When you opt to freeze your report with the three credit bureaus it makes it virtually impossible for someone to apply for credit or receive a loan with your assumed identity.


While it sounds like a foolproof idea it may not be for all.


Freezing your report does not come without cost or time. You may ask, well how do I do it? To freeze your credit report it involves a written request sent to all three bureaus seperately; with proof of I.D. Each bureau charges $10 for a setup fee.  However; each time you need to “un-freeze” or thaw your credit to gain access, for example a Refinance, each Credit Company will charge an additional $10.

I believe this is the best alternative to the new popular “credit monitoring” that is being offered by companies. Please call if you have any questions or could use any suggestions.

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