FHA Energy Efficient/Home Improvement Loan

FHA Energy Efficient/Home Improvement Loan

Is your home operating like it’s in the 1950′s? Could you benefit from lower monthly payments for electricity or water? Here are the facts about EEM (Energy Efficient Mortgages) green mortgages:

  • Ability to finance energy conservation improvements into the home loan
  • No additional income-qualification
  • Common improvements: Central heating and air, dual pane windows, increased insulation, water heaters, doors
  • Purchase or Refinance and Streamlines are allowed
  • FHA or VA

To learn more about green mortgage options I am a Loan Consultant at Vintage Mortgage Group; a bank and broker in the Bay Area. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience, if the EEM is the right product for you I would be happy to help.

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