Did you Pay All Cash for Your Bay Area Home? Want to Take The Cash Out By Refinancing?

Cash out delayed refinanceDid you Pay All Cash for Your Bay Area Home? Was the purchase for a second residence or investment property? Would you benefit from taking the cash back out by refinancing to use the money in different ways?


30% of all Real Estate Transactions were all cash


This is a very common question I receive daily as a Pleasanton, CA Mortgage Broker at Vintage Mortgage Group. Did you know nearly 30% of all purchases the past 3 years, owner occupied or investment properties were paid all cash? Cash offers have allowed clients to win on bids vs clients with approved financing. The question lye’s, what if you want your cash back out of the property, will banks allow it?


The answer is, yes.


We have financing vehicles that allow for cash out refinances up to 6 months after the close of the sale of the home.


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